Nova Scotia Workshops/ Demos:
Held at my home in Falmouth, NS

Design your own workshop… You pick the topic/subject/technique, we pick the time & place, the word is sent out via Maritime Art Listing & email list. Five participants are all that is needed. Workshops usually run $30 per day.

Monthly workshops- Dates will be determined by participants.

January = The 3 ‘F’s- Find it/Fix it/Finish it. This is a 2 day workshop where you learn to critique your work. Find out what is not working, learn how to fix it and then time to finish it. AND turn one ‘not so good’ into  several successful pieces!

February = Holiday Painting- Jude shows you how you can keep up those skills while away from home. Topics will include minimizing landscape, capturing the essence, and everyone gets a mini travel kit!

March = Taking your Florals beyond the norm. Look at how you can make your florals stand out.

April =Mosaic for Mental Health. Using Jude’s multi media/techniques you can make your own tile to donate or for a little extra keep it! Make as many tiles as you like.

May = Plein Air Painting- AM- safety concerns, make your own kit, how to ensure success. PM- go on location

Summer workshops available upon request

September = Saturday 28- DVAS Workshop

For more information on any of these shows or workshops, or if you would like a workshop geared to your needs, contact Jude.